With a career spanning over 20yrs in the makeup and hair industry Antoinette starts every Makeup with fresh eyes. She believes everyone should feel and look their best and loves helping her clients whether it be celebrities or the everyday woman to achieve that.

We love helping brides look and feel gorgeous on their special day. We understand how important it is to look exactly how you imagined on the special day. Whether you like a natural or high fashion look we can deliver based on what you’d like.

It is recommended you do a trial so you can meet your makeup artist to get an understanding of their style and discuss exactly what you want before the big day.

We use a wide range of high quality products and can also cater to clients who have sensitive skin.

* Please note that mobile consultations are charged at freelance rates which differ from salon rates.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Additional Services


We are passionate about people knowing how to do their makeup properly, what’s needed in their makeup bag and what’s never going to be used. Over the last 20yrs in the makeup and hair industry the one thing Antoinette hears from celebrities and clients is ‘I buy so much makeup and I don’t know how to use it!’

This is why it’s a service we offer to our clients as we love to talk about makeup and teaching our clients how to use makeup. As Head of Department at a TV network, Antoinette loved showing new presenters and staff what makeup suits them, what to buy within a certain budget and how to apply it.

We here often from clients that they get bombarded at makeup counters and always end up buying things they don’t need! We would love to show you or a group of girls how to use your makeup and what to buy. It’s being able to mix your makeup with expensive and not so expensive products, it’s whatever works for you and what you can afford.

For more information on how these sessions work contact us below!


We are also offering a service on how to look good and feel good for that important meeting or conference.

Most women are only concerned with what they are wearing and forget that having a great blowave or hairstyle that is easy to do and a really well done makeup speaks volumes. Unfortunately the first impression when you walk into a board room or conference is the way we look.

Our service is to impart our knowledge through experience on making someone look good for TV, publicity, photos and commercials.

In the industry, it is our job to make sure people listened to what someone saying because they look great and professional.

Contact us below if you want to know more about this service and how we can tailor it to suit you!

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