Bring your makeup bag and questions to one of our tailored workshops. Perfect for both beginners and advanced, wanting to learn makeup tips from our AB Team.


You will also receive a customed makeup list with recommended products to suit your needs.


1 Hour Tailored Experience

Our AB Makeup Artist will apply makeup to half of your face, leaving the other side for you to practice your new makeup skills.
At the end of the workshop, you will go home with a personalised product list, recommended to you based on your beauty needs.


Makeup bag with your products

We also recommend coming to the workshop with no makeup on, so you can practice your new techniques on yourself.

Makeup, Tutorial, Workshop, Beauty, Salon

Example Workshop Questions . . .

How to pick the right foundation for your skin?

What’s the right contour technique for your face shape?

What’s a quick makeup routine for the day and how do I
add to it if I want to go out for dinner after work?

How do I use bronzer?

What products do you recommend for oily skin?

How to clean makeup brushes?

Makeup, Tutorial, Workshop, Beauty, Salon


150 Bridport St Albert Park

Workshops are held at the back of our salon for a more private experience. Enjoy the luxury of having the salon to yourself to practice your new makeup skills.


Please email [email protected]

Enquire about our workshops packages below with prefered dates and time.