Hair and Makeup

Client Transformations

This month has been all about melting in our salon and channelling.  Ryan has just joined AB Pro Lab and has had 17years experience in the hair industry. He is the master at making thick hair so much more manageable by using a technique he calls channelling.  Ryan also loves using a technique for colouring called melting where you melt colour into each other to achieve a really natural result going from dark, medium to light.  On both the clients in the picture he’s used the melting technique and on Amber (darker hair) he’s also used channelling to get rid of her extremely thick hair so it’s more manageable.  Amber felt like she finally had normal hair that wouldn’t take her a couple of hours to dry and style.  She loves her new hair and can’t believe how good Ryan’s technique made her hair feel.  In the second picture he made Allegra feel young still without looking like she had done to much to her hair.  Her mum loved it because it wasn’t obvious but still looked different to when she walked in. Yet again the melting technique was used.


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